CyberScope Improves Vulnerability Manangement

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CyberScope Improves Vulnerability Manangement

Most organizations depend on vulnerability management and testing tools, utilizing them as a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

However, the foundational step in vulnerability management begins by ensuring all devices are discovered and inventoried. Sounds simple but is (often) notoriously difficult—especially on the dynamic edge network.
Many centralized vulnerability management tools and scanners often miss assets and entire network segments due to the network architecture itself (asymmetric routing, NATs, firewalls, hub-and-spoke topologies, etc.), network media converters that cause un-discovered paths, and misconfigurations of network devices. CyberScope can help, sharing results with other security tools via API.

With its handheld design and tests from within the edge network, CyberScope performs a more comprehensive discoverygreatly reducing blind spots suffered by the centralized tools. CyberScope can also inventory Wi-Fi connected endpoints (and BT/BLE devices), even if client isolation and traffic filtering is enabled on the Wi-Fi network for security.

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