CyberScope Air

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  • Validate edge infrastructure hardening, including wireless access point security
  • Verify secure baselines, rapidly identify deviations
  • Automate network discovery and vulnerability scanning
  • Hunt down rogue devices
  • Perform spectrum analysis, investigate suspect RF interference
  • Visualize WiFi and BT/BLE device location with AirMapperâ„¢ Site Survey
  • Maps to key CIS Critical Security Controls / NIST Cybersecurity Framework Core Functions

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You can now discover Edge Network Vulnerabilities fast!

CyberScope Air enables SecOps or NetOps teams to discover, validate, and scan edge infrastructure and IoT, OT, and ICS devices whether WiFi or Bluetooth/BLE. Assessing cybersecurity posture of WLANs against policies, generating reports, and performing ongoing monitoring for changes has never been easier.

CyberScope Air also contains all the wireless testing, troubleshooting, and surveying features present in the AirCheck G3 Pro making it a comprehensive WiFi vulnerability scanner AND wireless network performance tester.

If you require more and want to connect & test via wired copper or Fibre up to 10GB/s then have a look at the CyberScope-CE.

Security Assessments Simplified – Security practitioners and network engineers can useCyberScope Air to quickly identify every Wi-Fi and BT/BLE device on your edge network, pinpoint exactly where it is connected, and instantly determine if it is friend or foe.

CyberScope Integrates Nmap – You get Nmap technology fully integrated in CyberScope Air with a simplified user interface. It is easy for beginners while providing advanced features for experienced users. The point is to reduce your enterprise risk of any successful attacks.

Nmap endpoint audits can be executed as part of network discovery. This means scanning against every device using CyberScope Air’s AutoTest. Or run as needed with built-in or custom your scripts.