CIS Critical Security Controls Tool

CyberScope Helps with Critical Security Controls

CIS Critical Security Controls CyberScope Application noteIntroducing NetAlly’s CIS Critical Security Controls Tool for your perimeter!

The edge network is an area of escalating challenges for organisations of all sizes —both from cybersecurity and visibility gap perspectives. Because cybersecurity breaches are an enterprise-wide threat, the network perimeter is often forgotten but is  frequently ground-zero for many hackers, serving as the entry point into the environment. You see, the edge offers so many attack vectors:

  • Proliferation of endpoints
  • Increased attack surfaces
  • Ubiquitous connectivity
  • Undetected vulnerabilities
  • Unsecured connections
  • Misconfigured network

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With its handheld design and tests from within the edge network, CyberScope performs a more comprehensive discoverygreatly reducing blind spots suffered by the centralized tools. CyberScope can also inventory Wi-Fi connected endpoints (and BT/BLE devices), even if client isolation and traffic filtering is enabled on the Wi-Fi network for security.

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