Threat Exposure Management

Threat Exposure Management

Connect & Correlate Threats Across All Your Investments In Security and Monitoring Tools

If your challenge is too many device logs, for example from firewalls, email, endpoint protection, load balancers, cloud VPC or any other devices then maybe a centralised system is for you.

Threat exposure management is a critical aspect of cybersecurity strategy because it allows you to proactively safeguard digital assets and personal information. In today’s interconnected world, where cyber threats constantly evolve and grow in sophistication, the need for a comprehensive approach to threat exposure management is paramount. By correlating, regularly assessing and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in your systems and networks, you get visibility and reduce the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and other cyberattacks. This proactive stance allows your company to stay ahead of potential threats, ensuring that you reduce the risk of financial loss, data loss and negative reputation.

Furthermore, threat exposure management aligns with a commitment to a responsible digital enterprise. It includes aligning with regulatory compliance. By actively managing my threat exposure, your company demonstrates the responsible attitude to regulatory requirements. Through best practices in threat exposure management, your company not only protect itself but also plays a role in mitigating the broader risks associated with cyber threats. It is a civic responsibility! Management of threats and risk is part of our global society and an essential aspect of any companies cybersecurity strategy.

If you require XDR, SIEM, SOAR, EDR or MDR Stellar Cyber offers all of the functionality across your security and network estate.
Detecting threats fast will be your key goal in today's Cyber Wild West
Reducing your Cyber Threat Detection will be hot on your mind. You will be wanting to stay way from vendor lock-in but also get the most out of your team.
Stellar Cyber Open XDR

When You Are Serious About Cyber Security

Getting serious about security can be intimidating – where is the right platform to use, how much coverage is required and how many security analysts should be hired? Our Open XDR Platform is purpose-built for security operation providing incident response and remediation. We add capabilities: high fidelity detection and incident correlation using ML/ AI, automated threat hunting and response. Additionally, it allows you to immediately adopt best practices such as MITRE ATT&CK framework and see the entire attack surface immediately. Get an MSSP on your side.

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