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Discovery Monitoring Capabilities for CyberScope® with NMAP Test

Are you concerned about pen-testing your wireless-LAN environment?

“It’s critical that SecOps teams know which devices are on the network at any one time and be able to identify new devices on-net, as well as all Wi-Fi networks and endpoints,” says Kahkoska. “Every engineer wants to ‘know their network’ but the complexity and scope makes that difficult if not impossible. With Discovery Monitoring, you are able to configure your CyberScope to automatically capture and upload multiple Discovery and Wi-Fi snapshots making it easier than before to detect new, missing, or transitory devices on the network” continues James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO

CyberSecurity Change Monitoring

What is critical today is to monitor the changes in your network to ensure you trust the configuration.

After the Discovery and Wi-Fi analysis data is collected by CyberScope it is pushed to Link-Live*, you select the desired snapshots in the Analysis tab. The earliest analysis file becomes the initial point of reference or baseline, with each subsequent snapshot compared to the previous snapshot.

Results can be grouped by device, device types, problems, and last seen. For Wi-Fi, grouping on SSID, BSSID, channels, and 802.11 type provides fast insight into Wi-Fi clients; grouping on security instantly shows which encryption type is being used by each Wi-Fi client.

In addition to grouping, detailed filtering narrows the scope of the data; for example, filtering to “New” shows only newly discovered devices since a prior snapshot. The free string match filter allows the use of any text variable, such as the manufacturer or device names; i.e., filtering on “raspberry” (or just “rasp”) will show any discovered Raspberry Pi on your network, be they wired or Wireless.

Results are flagged as “New”, “Missing”, or “Change within device” (to indicate device configuration changes such as channel, IP address, nearest switch, etc.)Column ordering and formatting are saved as your preference and can also be saved to your Link-Live organization to be shared with others.In addition to the extensive CyberScope enhancements in monitoring and Nmap depth,  the EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, and AirCheck G3 also receive valuable new features:

Feature CyberScope EtherScope AirCheck G3 LinkRunner 10G
Discovery Monitoring
Enhanced result grading in Nmap app
Run multiple Nmap tests per device in Discovery
Reverse grading in AutoTest
Spectrum app improvements
DHCP options testing
Passpoint beacon parsing
Reverse Grading in AutoTest
Auto-Push Connection Logs to Link-Live



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