LinkSprinter Is Under-Estimated

LinkSprinter by NetAlly

Easy Network Connectivity Testing. For every team, skillset and budget

If any of these challenges resonate with you?

  • Testing & troubleshooting your installs takes too long, you want answers in seconds not 30 minutes or hours…
  • You just don’t know what you are connecting to is correct
  • You ask yourself. Is the config right?
  • Which VLAN is configured
  • Reports are a pain, you require a simple process to be able to produce reports in the shortest possible time.
  • Truck rolls are expensive and you need your teams to be sufficiently provisioned to tackle most situations
  • You have many teams, you have a limited budget
  • But you still want simple cable test and tracing capabilities

Say hello to the LinkSprinter by NetAlly. It is small but dynamite sure comes in small packages. SEE THE FULL INFOGRAPHIC

The LinkSprinter uses LED’s to tell you if all is ok but if you have to delve deeper you can connect your SmartPhone and have a look at the automated reports you get:



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