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Stellar Cyber XDR helping you protect your entire legacy attack surface
Stellar Cyber XDR helping your Cyber Security team improve their performance
Stellar Cyber XDR helping you reduce your secops costs

Why Stellar Cyber?

We are proud to announce we are a Stellar Cyber reseller.

Stellar Cyber ingests your currently disjointed security tools and data sources and unifies them to help you visualise, correlate, and automatically detect, investigate and respond to all attack activities in your environment using AI.

The Cyber Security Industry is saturated with so many solutions that it is difficult to choose which solutions are right for your company. So, we have done a great deal of research as to what solutions are available in the market today but we firstly have to consider “YOU” the client! What we offer has to be a great fit for your business and it must give you the best possible security at an acceptable budget. IoTXperts has chosen Stellar Cyber because of the following reasons:

  • They offer a support infrastructure that is locally and internationally available to you
  • Their goal is an Open XDR that is simple to implement but covers as many of the security data sources available today. They call these “Sensors” which is essentially a plugin helping you correlate data and threats faster
  • If you require a “new” sensor they will consider developing it free of charge
  • Stellar Cyber are one of the fastest growing MSSP XDR/SOAR platforms available today
  • Stellar Cyber’s credibility in the market has been confirmed by Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award,   Global Infosec Awards and more so you can believe in them
  • Stellar Cyber’s security automation helps alleviate the skills shortage being experienced in the Cyber Security industry.
  • They are one of the top 10 MSSP XDR’s available

See our Stellar Cyber page.

Consider using IoTXperts as your Stellar Cyber reseller today. As a Stellar Cyber reseller we have the expertise and people to help you.

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