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Wireless Survey & Network Test simplified for you

If wireless networks are a challenge to you and leave you feeling somewhat frustrated, the Aircheck helps you take the complex out of wireless test.

  • AirCheck G3 is a cost-effective hardware-enabled site survey and network test solution
  • Wifi Networks including Wi-Fi 6/6E networks
  • Validate Wi-Fi deployments and changes
  • Resolve connectivity and performance problems quickly.
  • Speed up closure of your trouble tickets, and ensure your Wi-Fi network meets end users’ requirements.
  • No need to be exhausted after every day out in the field!


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Wi-Fi 6E Analysis, Roaming, & Automated Problem Detection

Native Wi-Fi 6 and 6GHz Support

With the introduction of Wi-Fi 6/6E, how WLAN validation and troubleshooting is done has changed – necessitating new technology to test and validate these networks.

  • Validate actual Wi-Fi 6/6E network performance and utilization using a native 802.11ax radio
  • Gain visibility into all Wi-Fi devices working on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands
  • Enables packet captures of Wi-Fi 6 control, management, and data frames in all 3 bands
  • Diagnose new Wi-Fi 6E mechanisms of Reduced Neighbor Reports, Preferred Scanning Channels, and multi-BSSID
  • Authenticate using the latest security standard of WPA3 and Enhanced Open
  • Roaming analysis simplified with path indicating changes
  • Automated problem detection

AirMapper™ Site Survey is included

With the AirMapper app, AirCheck G3 users can quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform. Simple to use, the AirMapper app is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification.

Network Discovery, Path Analysis, & Security Audits

Instantly see what is on the network and where it is connected. Quickly investigate and locate “suspect” devices and identify problems associated with device misconfigurations.

Link-Live™ Simplified Collaboration, Project Management, & Automated Reporting

Collaborate with staff across your organization with centralized visibility of distributed tests, speeding resolution of remote site issues.

Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform (cloud-based or private/on-premise) stores test result and site data upload for automated reporting and documentation

AllyCare Premium Support Services

AllyCare is a comprehensive support and maintenance service for NetAlly’s Network Tools that offer significant value over standard warranty. Membership of AllyCare can be purchased as either a 1-year membership or the value-added 3-year. All new AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframes are sold with the first year (1 year) of AllyCare support included. Additional year(s) of support may be added. Product registration and activation is required within 30 days of first power-on.