LSPRNTR-300 NetAlly LinkSprinter

R9200,00 VAT Excluded

Ethernet Network Tester


  • The LSPRNTR-300 NetAlly LinkSprinter Tests and Validates Network Connectivity in less than 10 seconds
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Tester diagnoses and tests Power over Ethernet (PoE), Link to the switch,
  • DHCP, Gateway, and Internet connection
  • Get VLAN, switch name, and port information via CDP/LLDP/EDP for your managed switches
  • Expert network troubleshooting techniques delivered to color graded LEDs
  • Automated reporting to Link-Live Cloud Service
  • Get detailed test results sent directly to your email
  • Proxy support


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LinkSprinter Intro with awesome reports on SmartPhone & Link-Live Cloud:

Linksprinter report smartphone

Five essential network tests in the palm of your hand

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Tester
The LSPRNTR-300 NetAlly LinkSprinter is a Power Over Ethernet – PoE tester that checks to make sure you can power a phone, security camera or Access Point through a specific port. The LinkSprinter Network Tester can even run without batteries on PoE.

Link to the Switch
Perform a switch test, which indicates switch name, model, slot, port and VLAN you are connected to using CDP/LLDP/EDP. Know your available speed and duplex settings.
DHCP Connection
Confirm that the DHCP server is running and responsive. Request an IP address, get your subnet information, troubleshooting DNS, and identify the default gateway and DNS server.
Gateway Connection
Verify the gateway/router address and reachability by pinging the device.
Internet Connection
Confirm cloud connectivity or internal service reachability. Verify DNS server lookup and application port connectivity

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