CYBERSCOPE-CE Handheld CyberSecurity

CyberScope – First Handheld Cybersecurity Analyser

CyberScope by NetAlly - First HandHeld CyberSecurity Analyser

NetAlly Announces CyberScope: The World’s First Handheld Cybersecurity Analyzer

Today NetAlly announces the release of CyberScope, a powerful all-in-one tool offering comprehensive site security assessment, analysis, and reporting. CyberScope is the first portable product specifically designed to address a commonly overlooked area of cybersecurity vulnerability: site-based, access layer devices.

Existing cybersecurity solutions frequently lack in-depth visibility into this dynamic environment, leaving gaps in an organization’s defenses. The risk grows as the number of sites and devices increases. With its rugged, portable size and simple, powerful UI—including remote accessibility—CyberScope exposes possible threats while extending the reach of overworked IT and security teams to the very edge of the network.

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