Wireless LAN Network Survey & Analysis

AM/A4018G-1YS 1 year support

AirMagnet® Survey PRO

  • Plan and design Wireless LAN Including Wi-Fi 6 networks
  • Collect real-world data by performing true end-user experience
  • Generate heatmaps that provide full visibility of WLAN coverage
  • AirMagnet Survey on Demand licenses available.

AirMagnet® Spectrum XT

  • Locate any Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi interference sources
  • Prioritize Wi-Fi interference troubleshooting activities
  • Secure the Wi-Fi network by inspecting No Wireless Zones
  • Find common Interference sources fast

AirMagnet® WiFi Analyzer PRO

  • Provides details on wireless network connectivity, Wi-Fi coverage
  • Performs testing from the client perspective
  • Delivers a complete inventory of devices
  • Highlights top issues that require immediate attention

AirMagnet® Planner

  • Accurately plan and design Up to Wi-Fi 6 networks without physically rolling out any APs.
  • Optimise AP count and layout for maximised coverage
  • Easily import walls from CAD floor plans
  • Simple to use for Consultants

AirMapper® Survey

The AirMapper Site Survey part of the AirCheck™ G2 or EtherScope® nXG solutions -Wireless LAN heat maps & in-depth performance metrics.

  • Complete faster and easier Wi-Fi site surveys
  • View professional SNR, noise
  • Simplifies – validating new installations
  • Automatically identify Wi-Fi problems
  • Link-Live Cloud collaboration

The EtherScope EXG by NetAlly is a trusted tool for Copper, Fibre and Wifi analysis

  • All WiFi Topologies
  • Copper Test to 10GBIT
  • Fibre Test to 10GBIT
  • Power over Ethernet Test and Qualification
  • Easy connection to Cloud based reports for your customers or your IT Team

Use the AirCheck if you have to validate that  your WLAN is working effectively or need to resolve problems related to connectivity and WiFi performance

  • Wireless Network Discovery
  • WLAN analysis to WiF6 including BlueTooth
  • Throughput analysis with web based or Test Accessory iPerf