NetAlly Handheld Network Test & Analysis

Everything in One Etherscope

The Etherscope is a “handheld wonder” helping you with copper, fibre and wireless analysis including full network discovery.

  • Network discovery across WiFi and Wired
  • Network Maps
  • WiFi signal heat maps -WiFi 6 and ac
  • Cloud collaboration and reporting

The LinkRunner Series

Comprehensive Copper & Fibre Testing

  • Tests cabling to 1GB/s & 10GB/s for the LRAT 10G
  • Tests for PoE up to 30W 802.3af/at PSE
  • Fetches switch and network information indicating- port number, VLAN and speed
  • 802.1X authentication

The LinkRunnerAT Series

Cost Effective Copper & Fibre Testing

  • Tests cabling up to 1GB/s
  • Tests for PoE up to 30W 802.3af/at PSE
  • Fetches switch and network information – port number, VLAN and actual speed
  • 802.1X authentication

The AirCheck WiFi Analyser

Comprehensive WiFi Test & Portable Handheld Survey

  • AirCheck G2 offers a one-button AutoTest function with pass/fail indication
  • Faster and easier Wi-Fi site surveys with AirMapper
  • Test the most common Wi-Fi standards (including 802.11ax)


The LinkSprinter

Comprehensive Copper Cable Test

  • Connects to your Smartphone for reporting
  • Test the cable, the switch port and find the VLAN, interface & PoE status
  • Ideal for teams doing many moves and changes


AirMapper® Survey

The AirMapper Site Survey part of the AirCheck™ G2 or EtherScope® nXG solutions -Wireless LAN heat maps & in-depth performance metrics.

  • Complete faster and easier Wi-Fi site surveys
  • View professional SNR, noise
  • Simplifies – validating new installations
  • Automatically identify Wi-Fi problems
  • Link-Live Cloud collaboration
AirMagnet® Survey PRO

AirMagnet® Survey PRO

Comprehensive Wireless LAN Analysis

  • Plan and design Wireless LAN Including Wi-Fi 6 networks
  • Collect real-world data by performing true end-user experience
  • Generate heatmaps that provide full visibility of WLAN coverage
  • AirMagnet Survey on Demand licenses available.

AirMagnet® Spectrum XT

Cost Effective Copper & Fibre Testing

  • Locate any Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi interference sources
  • Tests for PoE up to 30W 802.3af/at PSE with TruePowerTM
  • Prioritize Wi-Fi interference troubleshooting activities
  • Secure the Wi-Fi network by inspecting No Wireless Zones

AirMagnet® WiFi Analyzer PRO

AirMagnet® WiFi Analyzer PRO

  • Provides details on wireless network connectivity, Wi-Fi coverage
  • Performs testing from the client perspective
  • Delivers a complete inventory of devices
  • Highlights top issues that require immediate attention


AirMagnet® Planner

Wi-Fi Network Planning Tool

  • Accurately plan and design Wi-Fi 6 networks without physically rolling out any APs.
  • Optimize AP count and layout for maximized coverage
  • Quickly importwalls from CAD floor plans