Business Disruption Prevention -DevSecOps

Business Disruption Prevention -DevSecOps

Including application response, IT infrastructure visibility, unified communications and Threat Exposure Management (TEM)

Avoiding Business Disruption in IT & OT

Services for Continuous Threat Prevention & Management of Business Outage.

No business wants to experience business disruption as it hampers the business achieving targets. For some businesses it is recurring nightmare.

If you are on this page you are probably concerned that your business does not enjoy enough business disruption management. Business disruption is experienced in many forms;

  • Internet outage, application outage or network outage comes to mind first but
  • degraded business services can also impact your business targets severely.

Monitoring your environment is important for troubleshooting so that you can understand where business is impacted. Prevention of disruption is just as important in order to continually improve your posture. Your environment may be exposed to cyber security risks that require remediation. Detecting these and fixing them indirectly help ensure uptime and data integrity. We help build your security net with Business Disruption Prevention -DevSecOps:

  • Business Dashboards helping the board understand business delivery
  • Prevention & Detection of attacks
  • Threat Exposure Management
  • Vulnerability Manangement
  • End user experience
  • Outage Troubleshooting Solutions & Services
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Monitoring the entire enterprise Hybrid infrastructure through the use of metadata.

When You are serious about Avoiding business disruption

Getting serious about cyber business disruption can be intimidating. It means you require tooling that helps bring together all the silo’s of business into one dashboard. Clearly visualising your infrastructure and how it operates is important to allow your teams to manage challenges as they occur. To be able to confidently troubleshoot from any of the silos of business is critical to reduce time to repair. ¬†Additionally, allowing you to immediately adopt best practices such as MITRE ATT&CK framework and see the entire attack surface helps reduce risk.

If you have assets within AWS we can analyse your internal and external attack surfaces using our agent-less cross environment mapping and visibility. We finally provide you with Risk Based Prioritisation of Vulnerabilities.


Avoiding Business Interruption in AWS

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