LinkRunner LRAT-3000

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LinkRunner LRAT-3000 for Efficient Network Test

  • For engineers & installers that demand the best in cable (copper / Fiber) & Network Test
  • Comprehensive AutoTest validates and troubleshoots all aspects of network link connectivity and services.
  • Verifies available link speed from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, actively tests PoE up to 90W, identifies connected switch port and VLAN.
  • Enables frontline technicians to quickly and thoroughly validate links, troubleshoot device connectivity, document & create reports regarding moves, adds, and changes.


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The LinkRunner LRAT-3000 is designed for frontline technicians who need fast and comprehensive validation of copper and fiber network links with powerful network connectivity troubleshooting. While offering the same core functions of its predecessors (LinkRunner AT 1000 and 2000 models), the LinkRunner AT 3000 features a large touchscreen and in-depth AutoTest that provides deeper network visibility.

With tools designed to help with network changes and troubleshooting, this network tester’s quick cable test and switch identification functionality facilitates installation validation and fast problem isolation.
Test results can be automatically uploaded to the Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform to improve teamwork between network engineers and technicians, creating greater job visibility, better project control, and improved tester fleet management. Independent management plane via wired or Wi-Fi connection (with optional adapter) allows remote operation and result uploading independent of the network under test.


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