CIS Critical Security Controls Tool

CyberScope Helps with Critical Security Controls

CIS Critical Security Controls CyberScope Application noteIntroducing NetAlly’s CIS Critical Security Controls Tool for your perimeter!

The edge network is an area of escalating challenges for organisations of all sizes —both from cybersecurity and visibility gap perspectives. Because cybersecurity breaches are an enterprise-wide threat, the network perimeter is often forgotten but is  frequently ground-zero for many hackers, serving as the entry point into the environment. You see, the edge offers so many attack vectors:

  • Proliferation of endpoints
  • Increased attack surfaces
  • Ubiquitous connectivity
  • Undetected vulnerabilities
  • Unsecured connections
  • Misconfigured network

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With its handheld design and tests from within the edge network, CyberScope performs a more comprehensive discoverygreatly reducing blind spots suffered by the centralized tools. CyberScope can also inventory Wi-Fi connected endpoints (and BT/BLE devices), even if client isolation and traffic filtering is enabled on the Wi-Fi network for security.

CyberScope Improves Vulnerability Manangement

CyberScope Air

CyberScope Improves Vulnerability Manangement

Most organizations depend on vulnerability management and testing tools, utilizing them as a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

However, the foundational step in vulnerability management begins by ensuring all devices are discovered and inventoried. Sounds simple but is (often) notoriously difficult—especially on the dynamic edge network.
Many centralized vulnerability management tools and scanners often miss assets and entire network segments due to the network architecture itself (asymmetric routing, NATs, firewalls, hub-and-spoke topologies, etc.), network media converters that cause un-discovered paths, and misconfigurations of network devices. CyberScope can help, sharing results with other security tools via API.

With its handheld design and tests from within the edge network, CyberScope performs a more comprehensive discoverygreatly reducing blind spots suffered by the centralized tools. CyberScope can also inventory Wi-Fi connected endpoints (and BT/BLE devices), even if client isolation and traffic filtering is enabled on the Wi-Fi network for security.

Schedule a demo today to see how CyberScope can strengthen your cybersecurity defences.

New LinkRunner AT By NetAlly

New LinkRunner AT By NetAlly

Two new LinkRunner AT models from NetAlly

June 3, 2024 – Today at the Cisco Live! event, NetAlly announced the availability of its next-generation LinkRunner® AT network and cable testers, continuing a twenty-plus year legacy of innovative troubleshooting tools for network engineers and technicians.

Please see the NetAlly news release at Next-Gen LinkRunner®

We at IoTXperts are excited to summarise the two New LinkRunner AT’s By NetAlly :

LRAT-3000 LinkRunner AT3000

Save time & truck roll now, test right the first time!

  • Copper & Fibre test up to 10 Gb/s
  • Versatile Android chassis to include more useful onsite tools
  • True PoE test to 90W
  • Fast automated reporting to improve team efficiency
  • Quick validation of critical application availability
  • Smart switch port report with port number and VLAN
  • Further Analysis in cloud

The LRAT-3000 is a replacement for the LRAT-2000 at the SAME PRICE!

LRAT-4000 Advanced

Why the LRAT-4000 may be for you:

  • Network Discovery & Automated Topology Mapping which means you get “as is” visibility
  • You get Copper & Fibre test up to 10 Gb/s
  • Versatile Android chassis allowing you to add more useful onsite tools
  • True, PoE test to 90W
  • Fast automated reporting to improve your teams efficiency
  • Quick validation of critical application availability. Tell them it’s “not the network”
  • Smart switch port test with port number and VLAN
Download Datasheet

NetAlly has designed these two models to reduce the time you spend troubleshooting, reporting and improve collaboration with your teams. Fleet management is made simple through NetAlly’s Link-Live cloud platform where you can share data with your teams and your customers. Further remote access via VNC allows you to help a colleague fi they are battling on site.

The point is for you to reduce time spent and further unnecessary truck roll but still give sterling service to your clients or users.

Give IoTXperts a call now for further advice. We love to help!

Wireless Penetration Tester – NetAlly

Wireless Penetration Test - CyberScope

Discovery Monitoring Capabilities for CyberScope® with NMAP Test

Are you concerned about pen-testing your wireless-LAN environment?

“It’s critical that SecOps teams know which devices are on the network at any one time and be able to identify new devices on-net, as well as all Wi-Fi networks and endpoints,” says Kahkoska. “Every engineer wants to ‘know their network’ but the complexity and scope makes that difficult if not impossible. With Discovery Monitoring, you are able to configure your CyberScope to automatically capture and upload multiple Discovery and Wi-Fi snapshots making it easier than before to detect new, missing, or transitory devices on the network” continues James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO

CyberSecurity Change Monitoring

What is critical today is to monitor the changes in your network to ensure you trust the configuration.

After the Discovery and Wi-Fi analysis data is collected by CyberScope it is pushed to Link-Live*, you select the desired snapshots in the Analysis tab. The earliest analysis file becomes the initial point of reference or baseline, with each subsequent snapshot compared to the previous snapshot.

Results can be grouped by device, device types, problems, and last seen. For Wi-Fi, grouping on SSID, BSSID, channels, and 802.11 type provides fast insight into Wi-Fi clients; grouping on security instantly shows which encryption type is being used by each Wi-Fi client.

In addition to grouping, detailed filtering narrows the scope of the data; for example, filtering to “New” shows only newly discovered devices since a prior snapshot. The free string match filter allows the use of any text variable, such as the manufacturer or device names; i.e., filtering on “raspberry” (or just “rasp”) will show any discovered Raspberry Pi on your network, be they wired or Wireless.

Results are flagged as “New”, “Missing”, or “Change within device” (to indicate device configuration changes such as channel, IP address, nearest switch, etc.)Column ordering and formatting are saved as your preference and can also be saved to your Link-Live organization to be shared with others.In addition to the extensive CyberScope enhancements in monitoring and Nmap depth,  the EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, and AirCheck G3 also receive valuable new features:

Feature CyberScope EtherScope AirCheck G3 LinkRunner 10G
Discovery Monitoring
Enhanced result grading in Nmap app
Run multiple Nmap tests per device in Discovery
Reverse grading in AutoTest
Spectrum app improvements
DHCP options testing
Passpoint beacon parsing
Reverse Grading in AutoTest
Auto-Push Connection Logs to Link-Live



LinkSprinter Is Under-Estimated

LinkSprinter by NetAlly

Easy Network Connectivity Testing. For every team, skillset and budget

If any of these challenges resonate with you?

  • Testing & troubleshooting your installs takes too long, you want answers in seconds not 30 minutes or hours…
  • You just don’t know what you are connecting to is correct
  • You ask yourself. Is the config right?
  • Which VLAN is configured
  • Reports are a pain, you require a simple process to be able to produce reports in the shortest possible time.
  • Truck rolls are expensive and you need your teams to be sufficiently provisioned to tackle most situations
  • You have many teams, you have a limited budget
  • But you still want simple cable test and tracing capabilities

Say hello to the LinkSprinter by NetAlly. It is small but dynamite sure comes in small packages. SEE THE FULL INFOGRAPHIC

The LinkSprinter uses LED’s to tell you if all is ok but if you have to delve deeper you can connect your SmartPhone and have a look at the automated reports you get:



CyberScope vs OptiView XG

CyberScope vs OptiView

See how the CyberScope stacks up against the OptiView XG!

If you are involved in network testing & cyber security you will remember the OptiView XG. It was definitely famous at the time for being the most comprehensive handheld network tester available.

Have a look how it stacks up against the new CyberScope from NetAlly.



EXG-300 vs CyberScope

EXG-300 vs CyberScope

See what the CyberScope adds to your arsenal!

If you are involved in testing cyber security you will be very in tune with NMAP. Add the functionality of the EtherScope EXG-300 and you get the NetAlly CyberScope. So that is Wireless and Network discovery and analysis packed in with pen testing. Maybe add NMAP testing to your handheld network test requirements.

The award winning NetAlly EtherScope handheld network analyser includes Wifi Test, Survey, Network Discovery and problem resolution in a technology packed design fitting in the palm of your hand. It tests every aspect of your network including copper, PoE, Fibre, speed, connectivity, VLAN, Switch port giving you complete visibility of your entire network. However if cyber security is part of your portfolio you may want to look deeper…

So maybe Wifi NMAP in a portable tool is for you! If these specifications fit your requirements then you may want to consider adding NMAP with the New NetAlly CyberScope. A comprehensive handheld tool with penetration testing capability!

CyberScope is the world’s first handheld cyber security analyser, it has capabilities tailored to cybersecurity teams, enabling them to perform comprehensive site security assessment, analysis, and reporting. By tightly integrating Nmap with EtherScope features, CyberScope becomes the perfect solution for securing campus & site networks.

See how the EXG-300 and the CyberScope Compare:

CYBERSCOPE-CE Handheld CyberSecurity

CyberScope – First Handheld Cybersecurity Analyser

CyberScope by NetAlly - First HandHeld CyberSecurity Analyser

NetAlly Announces CyberScope: The World’s First Handheld Cybersecurity Analyzer

Today NetAlly announces the release of CyberScope, a powerful all-in-one tool offering comprehensive site security assessment, analysis, and reporting. CyberScope is the first portable product specifically designed to address a commonly overlooked area of cybersecurity vulnerability: site-based, access layer devices.

Existing cybersecurity solutions frequently lack in-depth visibility into this dynamic environment, leaving gaps in an organization’s defenses. The risk grows as the number of sites and devices increases. With its rugged, portable size and simple, powerful UI—including remote accessibility—CyberScope exposes possible threats while extending the reach of overworked IT and security teams to the very edge of the network.

To learn more about this exciting announcement and the power of CyberScope, check out the following:

NetAlly -Save With LinkSolutions Kit

NetAlly LinkSolutions Kit - Save Now

NetAlly LinkSolutions Kit – Save Up To R15000-00

This special kit includes the popular:

This is a great value to any team looking to equip multiple engineers or technicians – with LinkRunner and LinkSprinter, testing and validating copper and fiber Ethernet connectivity will be faster and simpler!

Your Stellar Cyber Partner

Stellar Cyber XDR helping you protect your entire legacy attack surface
Stellar Cyber XDR helping your Cyber Security team improve their performance
Stellar Cyber XDR helping you reduce your secops costs

Why Stellar Cyber?

We are proud to announce we are a Stellar Cyber reseller.

Stellar Cyber ingests your currently disjointed security tools and data sources and unifies them to help you visualise, correlate, and automatically detect, investigate and respond to all attack activities in your environment using AI.

The Cyber Security Industry is saturated with so many solutions that it is difficult to choose which solutions are right for your company. So, we have done a great deal of research as to what solutions are available in the market today but we firstly have to consider “YOU” the client! What we offer has to be a great fit for your business and it must give you the best possible security at an acceptable budget. IoTXperts has chosen Stellar Cyber because of the following reasons:

  • They offer a support infrastructure that is locally and internationally available to you
  • Their goal is an Open XDR that is simple to implement but covers as many of the security data sources available today. They call these “Sensors” which is essentially a plugin helping you correlate data and threats faster
  • If you require a “new” sensor they will consider developing it free of charge
  • Stellar Cyber are one of the fastest growing MSSP XDR/SOAR platforms available today
  • Stellar Cyber’s credibility in the market has been confirmed by Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award,   Global Infosec Awards and more so you can believe in them
  • Stellar Cyber’s security automation helps alleviate the skills shortage being experienced in the Cyber Security industry.
  • They are one of the top 10 MSSP XDR’s available

See our Stellar Cyber page.

Consider using IoTXperts as your Stellar Cyber reseller today. As a Stellar Cyber reseller we have the expertise and people to help you.